Pensioners for Independence is a group of Pension age Scots, helping other pensioners, or those approaching pension age, to be informed about Scottish Independence.

By "Scots" we define this as anyone who does us the honour of choosing to live in Scotland, contributing to our society and our national culture.

This should be the aim of any information campaign targeting older Voters, to encourage them to seek direct written answers from government departments, pension providers and other organisation at a personal level. Similarly, we should encourage inviting speakers from government Department and companies to present these facts at public meeting targeting the elderly.

Although there may be reticence on this. A DWP official explaining pension entitlement to a meeting or as has happened, on BBC Good Morning Scotland, is no more controversial than a policemen explaining the law regard riding a bicycle, or parking near a school, to the public and council members at a local Community Council meeting. So these invitations should be sent out.

Our organisation will simply seek to promote and provide resources for these aims in the event of a new Scottish independence referendum. Contact us for information, or to help.

Being a non-profit voluntary organisation allows us to dedicate resources to activities.

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An outward looking and prosperous society

Where everyone feels valued and we properly support our most vulnerable people

Fair and Just, for all

Giving everyone the support they need to get on, while protecting the most vulnerable in society and tackling poverty, is crucial to delivering a fairer society.

A wealthier Scotland

We want Scotland to flourish, with opportunities for all as part of a fairer economy.

Educated Workforce

A good education is an investment, not just in our children, but in our society and our economy too.


  • Informing older Voters (Update 6 Aug 2017)

    Older voters tend not be engaged with differing views in modern social media, but rely on traditional(but unfortunatly often partizan) newspapers, radio and television as their main source of political information.